Monday, February 28, 2011

The second pillar of Iman

This topic was what my english teacher, teacher Zanariah taught us yesterday during our 'English for Da'wah class'. When we want to introduce the non muslims to this second pillar of Iman, (note that in previous classes, the other five pillars of iman were already discussed) that is believe in angels, we should first tell them the significance of believing in angels. Angels record down our good and bad deeds. The wahyu (message) was sent down to prophet Muhammad S.A.W through angel Jibrail. Angels are made perfect. But we as humans can be better than angels, because of two things that we posses and angels don't. That is, knowledge and choices. With knowledge, man is elevated in the eyes of Allah. With choices, man is given the opportunity to choose whether to do good or bad.

To believe in angels, is to believe in the unseen (ghaib). When we are asked with questions of how to believe in the unseen, teacher zanariah gave an example of explanations she would give to her students at school. She would ask them, "Where is your mother right now?" the student would answer "She's at home".Teacher would say "How do you know she's at home when you can't see her right now?".This shows that everyone believes in the unseen whether they realize it or not. Apart from that, we cannot see atoms and also the air we breathe, yet we believe in its existence.

Angels whisper good to our heart. They spread their wings in gatherings where the names of Allah is mentioned. Angel Mikail has a duty of bringing the bounty of Allah down to us before dawn. Angel Izrail's duty is to separate mans body from the soul.Angel Israfil blows the trumpet on the day of judgement. Angels Munkar and Nakir visits us in the world of grave (alam barzakh).Angels Malik and Ridwan guard the hell and paradise, and angels Raqib and atid records all our good and bad deeds.

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mu'minah said...

simple, yet a great one! i wish i could b there with u guys in E4DC. hurm~

Ana said...

mu'minah: Ukhti,I wish u were here this class so much =)

.:: SisFaeez ::. said...

salam k.khai, is it ur blog?

Ana said...

SisFaeez : Wsalam,hehe..=)

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